Ceremony Packages


Classic Package


10 Chair Aisle Decorations ( pew ends, flower ball,etc )

50 Chair covers (black/ white)

50 chair sashes (colour of choice)

Bespoke Welcome sign on wooden Easel

Price: £350.00


Premium Package


Red Carpet/ cream Aisle Runner

Signing Table decor with 2 Chair covers & sashes, Table Cloth with skirting and swagging

2 dressed chairs for bride and groom

2 Floral Arrangements on Pedestals

100 Chair covers (black/ white) and 100 chair sashes (colour of choice)

4 Laurel Trees (decorated to chosen colours)

 10 Chair Aisle Decorations (Bows, lanterns, birdcages pew ends, etc)

Bespoke Welcome sign on Wooden Easel

Price: £500.00


Deluxe Package

Backdrop with lights/ Wedding Arch ( with chanderlier)

Signing Table (with décor of choice,2 chair cover and chair sash)

2 Floral Arrangements on Pedestals  and 4 floral trees

Red Carpet/ Cream Aisle Runner

150 Chair covers (black/ white) and 150 chair sashes (colour of choice)

Aisle Decorations (Lanterns, birdcages, pew ends, swagging, etc)

6 Laurel Trees (decorated to chosen colours)

Scrolls with inspiring worded sentiments

Bespoke Welcome sign on ornate metal easel

Price: £ 750.00

See Delivery and Setup  if you would like us to deliver, set up and takedown collect items